Johndoe is the fictitious name used to refer to those whose identity is unknown. Beyond a name, we are everything that defines us and with which we identify. Identity is the set of things that make us unique and different. We believe that our identity is irrelevant because what is truly important is our work: to build and communicate that of our customers.

Product launch Dr. Scholl
Stand Porsche
Advertising campaign Alcon
POS & Packaging Materials Go Green
POS & Packaging Materials STINGbye
POS & Packaging Materials Orbit
E - learnings Chopard
Conventions Coty Prestige
Advertising campaign Alcon – 2
Advertising campaign Novartis
Conventions Ipsen Farma
Stand Applus
Corporate events Melia
Product launch Alcon – HydraGlyde –
Street marketing Avianca
Corporate image Panoma
Corporate image Petit Farm
Brand activation Haribo
Product launch Alcon – InContact
Brand activation Glenfiddich
Press conference ISDIN
E - learnings Puig Good Girl
Brand activation IKEA Morocco
Incentives Coca Cola GDA 2018
Vídeo Coca-Cola
Corporate image Barietes
Conventions Puig
Team building SAP Team Cooking
Stand GFT
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